Since 1991 Heinz Mack has turned to painting in pure colors again; the beginning of the "Chromatic Constellations". He understands “color as light and light as color” and seeks to realize his paintings accordingly. For Mack, the intensity of color always correlates with an intensity of light, which spreads like a color space.

It is the style of Mack´s chromatic pictures that the colors segue into one another unnoticeably and in the tiniest of nuances without losing a further important character – namely that of going from step to step and showing succinct color contrasts in these steps. Even then each concentration of a color carries a lightening and vice versa. This smooth transition from one color to the next contrasting color is only possible because Heinz Mack adds a smaller color step in between the contrasting pairs, which mediates between the bigger steps. In the case of color chromatics many intervals, sequences, color rhythms and rapports are created – so called oscillations, describing the dynamic principle occurring between the individual colors.

Forms only have the role of a rhythmic restriction in Mack´s chromatic paintings, a restriction within which light as color can appear. The color temperatures at the same time determine the sensuality of the colors and are conditions for a rich, complex radiation of color in which dynamic and rhythmic impulses find exciting yet harmonic relationships with one another.