If there are questions concerning the authenticity of a work of art by Heinz Mack, the Mack studio will be happy to assist with clarification. Many works can be easily identified and are also properly documented in our archive. They are often found in the registers of works. Nevertheless, the following documents are indispensable for clarification:

In every case two good photos (they should be digital) of the work in question:

  • of the front,
  • of the back,
  • of the signature and date mark,
  • inscriptions or stickers (number markings, E.A., title and the like).

In addition:

  • dimensions: H x W x D in cm;
  • when and where purchased, and from whom?
  • documents such as, for example, receipts, invoice, delivery note or similar and other documents which shed light on its provenance;
  • are there reproductions of the work in publications and/or catalogues?

On the other hand, cases always arise where further research has to be undertaken, since identification is not directly possible in such cases. Here it is essential to present the item personally; this also allows the state of preservation of the artwork to be scrutinized in detail and evaluated.

In highly questionable cases a picture dating and identification institute may have to be consulted in order to eliminate any doubt.

These services are very time-consuming and labor-intensive and cannot be provided by us without charge. The costs of an authentication and certification currently amount to between EUR 300 and EUR 600 plus VAT – depending on the amount of work involved.

After the artwork in question has been appraised, a price quotation is drawn up. Should you wish to accept the quote, the certificate will be delivered to you without delay once the invoiced amount has been received. Please note however that we do require a certain amount of time to do this. Depending on the situation it may take a few weeks for the certificate to be drawn up.

Please send any enquiries together with the specified documents to the following email address: buero(at)mack-atelier.de